Warhammer 40k space marine helmet warcraft cosplay

This space marine helmet is made using the cardcraft / foamcraft unfold system, it is constructed using high density foam and bonded together with a glue gun, it then has had a hard shell layer of fine body filler, then sanded, sealed, sanded and sealed again, I have then painted it with black acrylic paint then added a pva textured paint for effect, then painted black again and then a clear exterior use topcoat to seal it all in, I have also added dark lenses to finish it off, this helmet is large but does need a skull cradle added to get the fit snug to the head size of the new owner. As you can guess, there is a days drying time for each coat of paint and hours of cutting and sanding have gone into this helmet, using foam the helmet has the advantage over resin helmets, as resin helmets tend to crack in half or break when dropped and are heavy during long wear periods, this helmet weighs 610 grams and feels very light weight, but tough, I wouldn’t worry about dropping, bumping…or even throwing at the enemy when ammo is low..! it will bounce and never break, at worst you will chip the paint!
It is plain black so that anyone can add their own detailed paint work for chapter or style.

Thanks for looking