Crete Holiday Travel Photographs Heraklion Market , Malia Palace , Milatos Caves , Harbour & Fortress

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Crete Holiday Photographs 

Ive been to Crete Twice and loved it every time, I would advise anyone to go its Stunning little Island and very cheap to visit.  A must is to hire a quad bike for a few days , its cheap and easy to get about and visit the places you would be unable to get to in a car .  We managed to get to small little cove beaches passing the odd nude bather on the way .. No photos of that im afraid lol.

The transport is very cheap  the buses are very modern and well looked after , all the taxi’s are Mercedes so the taxi drivers must be doing alright there .

Food is good and very reasonably priced but beware as your walking down the main high street in Malia you will be pestered by Restaurant touts trying to get you to come in and eat .. all the way down to the bottom , its a bit of pain to be honest but after a few days they know where your going and dont bother you . Eat at the George Great food Great staff , we made friends with the waiter and he bought us drinks lol He told us his tales of when holiday season is over and the staff go back into the little villages in the mountains to work for the winter .

Malia is is very clean you will often see a little old lady with a sweeping brush walking down the streets cleaning. Malia is  absolutely FULL of 1 Euro shops that sell knock off perfumes jewelry sun glasses and any other tourist gifts you can think of.

The beaches are stunning clean and very quiet , ive been both in the spring and the winter and never seemed over crowded.

Must visits are Malia Palace and Milatos Caves you will see in the photographs why, its stunning views on the way is breath taking. Very hot as well so make sure you take a drink and plenty of sun cream. Our legs and faces were like lobsters after a few days on the quad bikes , the heat is very dry and you dont notice until you stop get off the quad bike and release the burn and how much you look like a crab stick.

Here are just a few Photograph’s from our visit .