Cantref Adventure Farm Park Mid Wales UK Day Trip Photographs

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Cantref Adventure Farm Park is 3 miles from Brecon with stunning views of the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains

Here’s A Few Photographs from our Day Trip To Cantref Adventure Farm Park


Stunning Views , We even viewed the fighter Jets flying Over with their sonic Boom To fast to catch on Camera though im afraid .

Lots of Goats Very Friendly and waiting to eat EVERYTHING !

Inside there is a seating area  (covered in bird Poo ) where you can sit down and have your lunch etc . Lots of birds flying around in the rafters even Birds of Prey watching for a meal.
There are tables as well as seats be warned if you value not getting SHIT on by the birds above then stay well clear , i only walked in took photographs and walked back out and had bird Poo all over me .

So dont even attempt to eat in there LOL

Awesome slide that runs on wet ski slope material Very Fast the Kids LOVED it spent about an hour on there

All in all it was something to do if the weather was nice , there wasnt much to do if it was wet , we spent roughly 2 hours there , the majority of the time was spent on the ski slope .  Its ok if you have young children for an hour or two but i fear they get bored any longer than that .